Ray Sanders “Funny How Time Slips Away” – Liner Notes


Ray Sanders and I have been making records together for the better part of 35 years.  While talking about this current CD we got to reminiscing about different people and places we have both known in the “music business”.  So many have passed on in recent years.  I don’t recall if

it was Ray or me who mentioned how time slips away.  We both said that would make a great CD title.


“Funny How Time Slips Away”, the title song for this CD, was written by Willie Nelson. Ray worked as a tenor singer for Ray Price and also was a writer for Pamper Music.  Willie Nelson also was a writer for Pamper Music at this same time.


Ray and I hope you enjoy the CD.  We included 20 of our favorite recordings – some old, some new.  There is a wide range of 18 traditional recordings and 2 bonus tracks that were recorded as movie sound tracks.


Thank you,


Dave Franer

Hillside Records

 P.S. I’m sure after listening to this CD you’ll be one of the many who recognize what a gifted singer Ray Sanders really is. 

                                                               I thought it was time to tell my story...

In September of 2012 we lost my Uncle David. He was a great guy who worked hard at every thing he did. He had a great ear for Real Country Music, and produced some of the finest music anyone could have the privilege of listening to.

In April of 2013 my Uncle David's wife of 33 years Janie Brannon (Aunt Janie) called me and asked me if I would take over Hillside Records because she was too ill to keep up with the day to day task. I was not only honored but excited to keep such a great independent record label going.

Sadly in June my Aunt Janie also passed away. She also leaves a legacy of great music behind with her debut album "Honky Tonk Memories" and many Duets on the CD baby sight. Soon Hillside will be uploading to "CD Baby" 4 Gospel songs sang by Janie Brannon to add to the other great music she has shared with us.

Hillside Records was fortunate enough to be involved in the Ray Sanders project, RAY sings RAY, where Ray Sanders pays tribute to his friend Ray Price. Many Thanks go out to Ray Sanders and Randy Brown for choosing Hillside to team up with.

As Hillside moves into the future, we will continue to keep bringing great talent, and great music your way. Please always feel free to email Hillside at hillsiderecords@hillsiderecords.net  and let us know how you think we are doing... If you have someone, or you yourself has some music you would like for us to consider please feel free to send that as well. We are always looking for great talent.  Thank you to all the fans and to all the musicians

Honky Tonk Memories

Ray sings Ray

Hillside "Ray sings Ray" will be released in October 2013. This is a Tribute CD to the Great Ray Price, performed by his friend and Country music artist Ray Sanders. Price and Curly worked together in their early years in Country Music...here is a performance of the two many years ago